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Wayne Nader For Placer County District 5 Supervisor

Wayne Nader running for Placer County District 5 Supervisor in November.

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Wayne Nader and his wife Dustye. Wayne is running for placer county supervisor district 5.

About Wayne

Deep Roots in Placer County

I am grateful to have been born and raised in Placer County. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Lincoln, Placer County, where I learned the value of hard work from an early age. I earned a business degree from Sierra College and Chico State University while working part-time at Bank of America, ultimately rising to become a Regional Manager during my 33-year banking career. I’ve also served on various local boards, bringing my expertise in development, transportation, and finance to improve community life. Passionate about the future of our county, I am running for Supervisor of the 5th District, committed to fostering unity and excellence in Placer County.

Wayne's Priorities

for the western slope of district 5

"Our Tahoe communities deserve to be protected from over development that threatens the enjoyment of its unique way of life.

Unlike my opponents, I will always fight against adverse development projects and never take developer money."


Scenic view of Lake Tahoe West Shore in Placer County, California - beautiful landscape and nature.

My Priorities

As District 5 supervisor


Professional Growth
Picturesque view of Lake Tahoe North Shore in Placer County, California - popular destination for visitors.



I believe it is critical to recognize the very diverse community needs and focuses of District 5. To remain current, I intend to be very available and responsive to the constituents in Tahoe and the foothill regions in gathering their input on critical issues. Recognizing and addressing common problems such as traffic congestion and fire risks that many take different solutions. As Supervisor I would commit to being in Tahoe a minimum of one day a week to engage with the community and encourage and enable residents to be in direct contact with me wherever necessary.

Since Redevelopment Agencies were eliminated by the State, it has made efforts to rehabilitate the core areas of our communities much more difficult. I believe that Placer County has not handled the new approach to redevelopment well. They have been more receptive to larger, more challenging projects, rather than smaller more economically viable proposals. Those larger projects have historically failed to happen. Valuable time has been lost and significant taxpayer funds have been squandered. I would promote seeking out smaller infill developments that are a better fit for the Tahoe communities and also have a greater likelihood of success.

What I hear from Tahoe residents is that the area has become less livable. Just doing basic daily activities is challenging due to the frequent traffic congestion throughout the area. They also often mention that Placer County is working as a counterforce against the desire to maintain and enhance the unique Tahoe character; as evidenced by the proposed Tahoe Basin Area Plan amendments. Residents are reluctantly listened to, but not heard. As a result, the community’s trust with the officials of the county is broken. A commitment to value and regard the community’s concerns must be a top priority.

These are both top issues throughout District 5. Federal and State forest lands have for many decades been neglected and as a result the fuel loads have increased substantially. The State’s Insurance Commissioner and the legislature’s inactions have only compounded the insurance crisis. I would be a constant and loud voice to the leadership of these agencies and governing bodies demanding creditable action on these urgent issues.

Wayne up in Tahoe with the keep homewood public group discussing important issues in Tahoe.

Meeting with Keep Homewood Public

Feb 23 @Tahoe Tap Haus
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2 Minutes With Wayne: A Proven Public Servant


What people are saying

Ellie WallerTahoe Vista resident 19 years
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Wayne spent eight years on the Placer County Planning Commission and can “hit the ground running”. He consistently defended the North Tahoe area and respected our concerns about over-development and environmental impacts. He truly understand and values the unique needs of our mountain communities. Placer needs his dedicated approach to preserving our Western agricultural heritage and Eastern internationally recognized natural assets.
Randy HicksAuburn Business Owner
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Wells were starting to fail in Black Oak and Wayne worked with the Placer County Water Agency and the residents to bring in treated water. Because of Wayne’s diligence and commitment 42 homes got access to a reliable source of water and as an added bonus it also brought in much needed fire hydrants. In the more than 20 years that I have known Wayne, he has been actively engaged in working for the well-being of others and the betterment of the community.
Carlos JamisSupporter
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Our Meadow Vista community had a serious traffic safety issue that had gone on for far too long until Wayne got involved. Wayne worked with the homeowners association and Placer County and got the issue resolved quickly. Wayne is the kind of person that gets things done.
Josh PowersSupporter
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In everything I have seen about Wayne he has always shown the greatest of integrity in his actions and speech. Wayne also displays a servant’s heart in the way he helps others in their time of need.
Harvey EisleySupporter
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I have known Wayne since his time on the local fire district board. He certainly knows the fire service issues well and has always put the safety of our communities as a top priority. Wayne is kind of leader that we need to tackle the challenges that we are facing in Placer County. He has good practical common sense, which is sorely lacking with most officeholders these days.
Jim DeRose Retired Fortune 500 CEO
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Wayne and I served on a university board together. He is a man of deep faith, integrity, and commitment. Wayne had a clear ability to quickly assess situations, identify issues and opportunities and create well-thought-out recommendations to address them. He is compassionate and genuine in his concern for the well-being of others. Wayne was always an encourager who strove for consensus in decision making.
Dr. Robert BelajicSupporter
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I have known Wayne for many years. He has always displayed a high level of integrity and common sense. Wayne has been engaged in defending and protecting the quality of life we all enjoy here. I heartily support him and know he will make an outstanding supervisor.
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Wayne Nader running for Placer County District 5 Supervisor in November.
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