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Wildfire Threat in
Placer County, CA


The risk of wildfires in Placer County’s foothill and mountain communities has dramatically increased in recent years. Addressing this growing threat requires proactive measures to protect homes and communities. Wayne Nader, candidate for District 5 Supervisor, is committed to implementing strategies to fortify our communities against wildfires.

Statement of Position

Wayne Nader believes that the best way to protect Placer County from the increasing wildfire threat is by hardening homes and creating defensible spaces. It is essential to incentivize homeowners to reduce fuel around their properties and provide assistance to those who cannot afford to do so. Additionally, creating shaded fuel breaks and pushing for more fuel reduction by State and Federal Forest Services are critical steps in mitigating wildfire risk.

Challenges Addressed

Several challenges must be tackled to effectively address the wildfire threat in Placer County:

1.      Increasing Wildfire Intensity: Recent years have seen more intense and frequent wildfires, posing a significant threat to communities.

2.      Lack of Defensible Space: Many homes lack sufficient defensible space to slow or stop approaching fires.

3.      Resource Constraints: Seniors and those on fixed incomes may lack the resources to make their properties fire-safe.

4.      Fuel Accumulation: Excessive fuel in and around communities increases the risk and intensity of wildfires.

Proposed Solutions

Wayne Nader proposes a comprehensive approach to reduce wildfire risk in Placer County:

1.      Enhanced Defensible Space: Encourage homeowners to create defensible space around their homes, even beyond current requirements.

2.      Incentive Programs: Offer programs to incentivize homeowners to undertake fuel reduction efforts around their properties.

3.      Assistance for Vulnerable Residents: Provide assistance to seniors and those on fixed incomes to help them make their properties safe from wildfires.

4.      Shaded Fuel Breaks: Establish shaded fuel breaks around communities, especially along canyon areas, to create buffers that can slow or stop fires.

5.      Advocacy for Fuel Reduction: Continue to push State and Federal Forest Services to increase fuel reduction efforts in parks and near populated areas.


Implementing these solutions will yield numerous benefits for District 5 and Placer County:

1.      Reduced Wildfire Risk: Enhanced defensible spaces and fuel reduction efforts will lower the risk and intensity of wildfires.

2.      Increased Community Safety: By fortifying homes and creating buffers, communities will be better protected from approaching fires.

3.      Better Firefighting Opportunities: Reduced fuel will provide fire agencies with better opportunities to control and extinguish fires quickly.

4.      Support for Vulnerable Residents: Assistance programs will ensure that all residents, regardless of financial status, can make their properties safe.

Addressing the wildfire threat in Placer County requires a proactive and comprehensive approach. Wayne Nader is dedicated to implementing strategies that protect homes and communities, incentivize fuel reduction, and advocate for increased efforts by State and Federal Forest Services. Support Wayne Nader in his campaign for District 5 Supervisor to ensure that our communities are fortified against the growing wildfire threat.

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