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Long Range Planning in
Placer County, CA


Effective land use planning is crucial for maintaining the quality of life in Placer County. With rapid growth over the past decades, managing this expansion is essential to preserving the community’s character and ensuring adequate infrastructure. Wayne Nader, candidate for District 5 Supervisor, emphasizes the importance of strategic and inclusive planning to shape the future of Placer County.

Statement of Position

Wayne Nader believes that thoughtful and comprehensive land use planning is fundamental to the well-being of Placer County residents. This involves asking hard questions about proposed projects, ensuring they fit within the community, and adequately addressing all impacts. Wayne advocates for resident engagement in updating General Plans to reflect the community’s vision for the future.

Challenges Addressed

Several challenges need to be tackled to achieve effective long-range planning in Placer County:

1.      Rapid Growth: Managing the county’s rapid growth while maintaining the quality of life.

2.      Lagging Infrastructure: Addressing the infrastructure lag, particularly in transportation, to support new developments.

3.      State Housing Requirements: Meeting the State’s requirements for housing across all socioeconomic levels, including low and very low-income housing.

4.      Inadequate Planning Process: Rushing the rezoning process to meet State deadlines, resulting in inappropriate property selections for housing.

Proposed Solutions

Wayne Nader proposes a comprehensive approach to improve long-range planning in Placer County:

1.      Strategic Growth Management: Implement strategic plans to manage growth and ensure it aligns with community values and needs.

2.      Infrastructure Development: Prioritize the development of infrastructure, especially transportation, to support new and existing communities.

3.      Resident Engagement: Encourage active resident participation in updating General Plans to ensure they reflect the community’s desired future.

4.      Methodical Housing Approach: Advocate for a methodical and thorough approach to identifying appropriate locations for required housing units, ensuring they fit well within the community.


Implementing these solutions will yield numerous benefits for District 5 and Placer County:

1.      Preserved Quality of Life: Thoughtful planning and growth management will maintain and enhance the community’s quality of life.

2.      Improved Infrastructure: Adequate infrastructure development will support growth and improve daily living for residents.

3.      Community-Centric Development: Resident input in planning processes will ensure that developments align with the community’s vision.

4.      Balanced Housing Solutions: A methodical approach to housing will provide suitable locations for all socioeconomic levels, fostering a balanced and inclusive community.

Long-range planning is essential for the sustainable growth and prosperity of Placer County. Wayne Nader is committed to strategic planning, resident engagement, and thoughtful development to ensure the county’s future aligns with the community’s vision. Support Wayne Nader in his campaign for District 5 Supervisor to ensure effective and inclusive long-range planning for Placer County.

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