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Home Insurance Crisis in
Placer County, CA


The unavailability of traditional home insurance has escalated into a severe crisis in Placer County’s mountain and foothill communities, and it is now affecting more populated areas as well. Wayne Nader, candidate for District 5 Supervisor, recognizes the urgency of this issue and advocates for immediate action to ensure that residents have access to affordable and comprehensive home insurance.

Statement of Position

Wayne Nader firmly believes that addressing the home insurance crisis requires strong advocacy and legislative action. The current reliance on the California Fair Plan, with its high costs and limited coverage, is untenable. Placer County’s elected officials must push for corrective legislation to attract more insurance providers back to the state, ensuring residents have better and more affordable options.

Challenges Addressed

Several challenges need to be tackled to resolve the home insurance crisis in Placer County:

1.      Insurance Provider Exit: Many insurance providers have exited the state, leaving residents with limited options.

2.      High Costs of the California Fair Plan: The California Fair Plan, often the last resort, is expensive and offers limited coverage.

3.      Legislative Inaction: There has been insufficient legislative action to encourage insurance providers to return to the state.

Proposed Solutions

Wayne Nader proposes a multi-faceted approach to address the home insurance crisis in Placer County:

1.      Advocacy for Legislative Action: Elected officials in Placer County must speak loudly and frequently with the State Legislature to advocate for corrective legislation that encourages insurance providers to return to California.

2.      Incentives for Insurers: Implement incentives for insurance companies to offer policies in California, making it a more attractive market for them.

3.      Public Awareness Campaigns: Increase public awareness about the insurance crisis and the steps residents can take to protect their homes and properties.

4.      Support for the California Fair Plan: Work towards making the California Fair Plan more affordable and comprehensive, providing better coverage options for residents who have no other choice.


Implementing these solutions will yield numerous benefits for District 5 and Placer County:

1.      Increased Insurance Options: More insurance providers will offer policies in the state, giving residents better choices.

2.      Affordable Coverage: Residents will have access to more affordable home insurance options.

3.      Comprehensive Protection: Improved coverage options will ensure that homes and properties are adequately protected.

4.      Economic Stability: Affordable insurance will contribute to the overall economic stability of the community.

The home insurance crisis in Placer County requires urgent and effective action. Wayne Nader is dedicated to advocating for legislative changes and creating incentives to bring insurance providers back to the state. Support Wayne Nader in his campaign for District 5 Supervisor to ensure that residents have access to affordable and comprehensive home insurance.

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