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Key Issues Facing District 5, Placer County

District 5 Issues

Wayne Nader, candidate for District 5 Supervisor, is committed to addressing the most pressing issues affecting Placer County. From managing growth and ensuring affordable housing to tackling wildfire threats and overcrowding in Lake Tahoe, Wayne is dedicated to finding effective and sustainable solutions. Explore the key issues below to learn more about Wayne's plans and priorities.


Homelessness remains a significant challenge in District 5. Wayne Nader advocates for accountability and comprehensive support services to empower those seeking a new direction.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is critical for the vitality of our communities. Wayne Nader emphasizes collaboration with developers and creative solutions to make affordable housing a reality.

Wildfire Threat

The risk of wildfires has dramatically increased in recent years. Wayne Nader is dedicated to implementing strategies to protect homes and communities from this growing threat.

Home Insurance

The unavailability of traditional home insurance has become a severe crisis. Wayne Nader advocates for legislative action to attract insurance providers back to the state.

Long-Range Planning

Effective land use planning is essential for maintaining the quality of life in Placer County. Wayne Nader promotes strategic growth management and active resident engagement in planning processes.

Tahoe Overcrowding

Overcrowding in Lake Tahoe has led to numerous issues, including traffic gridlock and environmental degradation. Wayne Nader is committed to balancing visitor influx with community needs.

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