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Wayne Nader: Candidate for Placer County District 5 Supervisor

About Wayne

Deep Roots in Placer County

Born and raised in Placer County on a cattle ranch in Lincoln, Wayne Nader learned the importance of hard work and dedication from an early age. These values have shaped his approach to life and leadership.

Educational and Professional Journey:

  • Local Education: Wayne graduated from Lincoln High School and received his undergraduate degree in Business from Sierra College.
  • Advanced Studies: He completed his higher education at Chico State University while working part-time at Bank of America.
  • Banking Career: Wayne embarked on a 33-year banking career, culminating in a role as Regional Manager for Government Banking, managing operations across California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.
Wayne Nader and his wife Dustye walking hand in hand in Placer County - committed to community and family.
Wayne Nader cadidate for Placer County District 5 Supervisor in Tahoe.

Community Engagement: Wayne Nader has a long history of community service:

  • Leadership Roles: He has held various leadership positions on boards, committees, and councils throughout Placer County.
  • Proactive Leadership: Known for his thorough research and critical questioning to ensure optimal outcomes for community initiatives.
  • Expertise: Wayne brings extensive experience in development, transportation, agriculture, finance, fire safety, and planning.

Vision for Placer County: Wayne is dedicated to enhancing the community’s quality of life and believes in:

  • Engaging Debate: He supports strong, open debates to achieve the best community outcomes.
  • Collective Strength: Wayne emphasizes the importance of striving for high ideals and excellent results through community challenges.
  • Continuous Improvement: He is committed to improving and repairing community structures and services.
Wayne Nader talking about the major issues in Placer County including homelessness, and land use planning to build affordable housing in Placer County.

Proven Expertise in Placer County Land Use and Financial Oversight


With a total of 8 years on the Placer County Planning Commission and an impressive 12 year tenure as Chair of the Placer County Audit Committee, Wayne possesses deep expertise in the critical areas of land use and financial oversight. His substantial experience equips him to immediately provide informed and impactful contributions to decisions that significantly affect the community from his first day in office.


A Call to Action: Wayne Nader seeks your support and vote in his campaign for Supervisor of District 5. Voting for him means supporting a leader dedicated to the prosperity and well-being of Placer County. Support Wayne in his commitment to make Placer County a better place to live.

Wayne's Priorities

As District 5 supervisor
for the western slope of district 5
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