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2 Minutes With Wayne: Tackling the Fire Insurance Crisis

Wayne Nader, candidate for Placer County District 5 Supervisor, addresses the critical issue of skyrocketing fire insurance costs affecting residents in the mountain and foothill regions. With some community members facing annual premiums of $20,000 to $30,000, the financial burden has become unsustainable, especially in the context of rising overall costs. In this video, Wayne highlights the urgent need for elected representatives to advocate for the return of insurance providers to the area. He pledges to be a strong and vocal advocate in Sacramento, fighting to resolve this pressing issue and bring relief to those struggling with exorbitant fire insurance premiums. As your District 5 Supervisor, Wayne is committed to being a loud and persistent voice demanding action on behalf of the community. Your vote in November is crucial to support Wayne’s mission to tackle the fire insurance crisis and protect the financial well-being of Placer County residents. Join Wayne Nader in his effort to bring about real change and support our community. Vote for Wayne as District 5 Supervisor this November.

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