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2 Minutes With Wayne: Tackling Homelessness with Accountability

Wayne Nader, candidate for Placer County District 5 Supervisor, addresses the pressing issue of homelessness, particularly in the Auburn area. Recognizing the complexities of this problem, Wayne emphasizes the importance of incorporating accountability and responsibility into the assistance provided to those in need. In this video, Wayne outlines his approach to focusing on Placer County residents who are struggling with addiction, mental health issues, or financial hardships. He believes in providing meaningful help to those who genuinely seek it. With the recent Supreme Court ruling granting municipalities greater control over camping and homelessness issues, Wayne is confident that responsible and effective measures can be implemented. As your District 5 Supervisor, Wayne is committed to taking an aggressive yet compassionate approach to ensure that accountability remains at the forefront of efforts to help the homeless transition to better lives. Your vote in November is crucial to support Wayne’s vision for a more responsible and effective solution to homelessness in Placer County. Join Wayne Nader in his mission to create positive change in our community. Support Wayne and vote for him as District 5 Supervisor this November.

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