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2 Minutes With Wayne: Rezoning And Addressing Affordable Housing Concerns

Wayne Nader, candidate for Placer County District 5 Supervisor, discusses the recent rezoning for high-density housing parcels submitted to the state Housing and Community Development Department (HCD). With the review expected to be completed by mid-August, Wayne highlights the concerns raised by a community group regarding the placement of these parcels in rural areas lacking the necessary infrastructure and services. In this video, Wayne expresses gratitude to the community group for their proactive stance and shares his belief that the HCD will likely identify issues with some of these parcels. He emphasizes the importance of staying engaged and working together to find solutions, particularly for those rural areas affected by the rezoning. As your District 5 Supervisor, Wayne is committed to addressing these concerns and ensuring that any development is both responsible and sustainable. Your vote in November is essential to support Wayne’s efforts to resolve these issues and protect the quality of life in Placer County. Join Wayne Nader in his mission to advocate for thoughtful and community-focused development. Support Wayne and vote for him as District 5 Supervisor this November.

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