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2 Minutes With Wayne: Placer County Development & Preserving Our Rural Character

Wayne Nader, candidate for Placer County District 5 Supervisor, addresses the concerns related to development throughout District 5, which spans from Newcastle to the Nevada state border, including the northern part of Tahoe. Residents have consistently expressed worries about the impact of development on the character and quality of life in their communities. In this video, Wayne emphasizes the importance of maintaining the rural environment that residents cherish. He pledges to fight hard as your supervisor to ensure that future development does not compromise the unique character and wonderful quality of life in District 5. Wayne is dedicated to preserving the rural charm and natural beauty of our communities while addressing the challenges of Placer County development. Your vote in November is essential to support Wayne’s commitment to protecting what makes District 5 special. Join Wayne Nader in his mission to safeguard the character of our communities. Vote for Wayne as District 5 Supervisor this November.

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